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Stuff I've found on my travels around the web

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Skeletal face tattoo
Scary, freaky tattoo.
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The Man Who Drew Mice
"Benson was the sort of chap who loved to draw mice". Quirky and charming little short film. Narrated by Tamsin Grieg of Black Books and Green Wing fame, interestingly...
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Indestructible Tank
Bounce your indestructible tank into the helicopters that are trying to bomb you, building up multi-destruction combos.
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Film Secrets
A website for making films on the cheap. Resources for script writing, sound recording, editing and all sorts
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Napkin Folding
Photos and instructions for folding napkins in a bewildering number of ways. Well, it amuses me...
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Petty pictures of windmills and tulips and stuff, along with soothing music.
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Alanis Morissette's Lady Lumps
Alanis Morissette doing a mock cover-version of Fergie's (um...) 'classic'.
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Fire Tornado
It's like a tornado, but made of fire!
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Alaska ice festival
Pictures of the most amazing ice sculptures
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MangaSpot Anime Streams
Repository of manga and anime video clips
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