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About Me

So what's this section?
This section is all about me. Me, me, me, me, me. If you don't like self-aggrandising vainglory (or ironic self-deprecation) then look away now.
Why have you written these sections as if they're interviews?
It helps me abstract myself. If I imagine someone else meeting me for the first time, I can (the theory goes) better imagine the kind of things they'd want to know.
Are you really all that?
Maybe, maybe not, I'll let you decide. This is where I provide all the information you'll need to make that determination.
OK, so who are you?
My name is Alec Harkness. I'm a middle-class white guy, in my late-thirties, based in Southampton UK. I alternate between being a fairly typical web programmer, and a decadent bohemian arty type. Depending on when you catch me I could be sipping cocktails and writing poetry, or hunched over a keyboard doing arcane techy things that could only be described using acronyms.
So are you a programmer who writes, or a poet who programs?
I have the mind of a scientist, and the soul of an artist.
So tell me about this so-called bohemian lifestyle of yours
I'm glad you asked. Click on the menu to learn more.
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