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Southampton Live (um) Role Playing

SLuRP is a fantasy live role-playing society (that's "society" in the sense of "a bunch of nutters who get together on sundays to beat the crap out of each other with rubber swords"). For your entertainment, and for the reference of anyone actually using the system, I bring to you all you could wish to know about SLuRP the game, and the world it is based in.

Of course, it is possible that you know nothing about role-playing, live or otherwise. In which case, I've slapped in a brief introduction to the basic concepts of role-playing, plus an introduction to monstering and the bare-essentials

If you know what you're after, or you know what I'm on about, this is what I have to offer:

The Basics
[ Intro to role-playing, Monstering and the bare essentials ]
For those new to this role-playing lark.
[ Gods, Elder Races, The Creation ]
Myths and legends from the time before time.
[ Keese, The Surrounding Area, The Bestiary ]
The world as it is now.
[ Character Generation, Skill Lists, Basics of Play ]
All the stuff that is necessary to actually play the game.
[ Alchemy, Charm, Divine, Hermeticism, Shamanism ]
All fantasy games have a magic system. This is ours.

For your (and my) amusement, I have included a few of the stories from the SLuRP world that were written for inclusion in the printed rules.

Copyrights and credits. This webpage and all its contents are - as with the rest of this site - copyright me. However, it would be wrong of me to take all the credit, so here's a rundown of the others who have helped make SLuRP the system it is.

  • Alistair Riddoch - who actually got the game up and running.
  • The first ones (esp. Rod, Bill and Duncan) - who wrote a lot of the region's history and geograhpy, and initiated the transformation of SLuRP from its original form to what it is now. For a while, I was just one of many gods. It was Bill who gave it the name "SLuRP".
  • The long-termers (esp. Nick and Damian) - who did a lot of the grind of re-writing the skill lists and the magic systems during the transformation. Damian in particular has contributed more than any other over the years. If I am God, he is the holy spirit.
  • The newcomers (Darren, and especially Donc) - who have added fresh ideas. It was Donc and Damian who created Realms Magic.

See also : Southampton Universtity Games And Role-playing Society (and you though SLuRP was a torturous acronymn!)
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