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I have been described variously as an "evil sex poet", a "gonzo rock poet" and a "suicide christmas poet" (well, only once). While these are all cool monikers, they don't really tell you much about me or my work. So, an introduction: -

Like many angst-laden teenagers, I wrote poetry at college - although then I called them song lyrics. Some were OK, most were pretentious. X years later, I got back into it for the oldest of reasons - I met a hot poet girl and wanted to get her into bed. As it turns out she was having none of it, but we became friends and I have stuck with the poetry anyway.

Oddly, I have never really been into reading poetry. I am far more inspired by the word crafting skills of writers and rappers (the few good ones) and the beats and rythmns of dance music and nu metal. My list of influences would include no poets, but would include Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon, Senser, Eminem and the Goldie Lookin' Chain.

The main themes addressed are the frustrations and hypocrisies of modern living, the clashes between a liberal intellectual and the forces of ignorant conservatism, and the huge discrepancies between what life is and what life should be.

I am pro-drugs, pro-sex, anti-relationship and anti-religion. I am a fundamentalist libertarian, and believe freedom of speech must be absolute and unconditional if it is to have any meaning. While some poems are specifically intended to voice these views, others are me exploring ideas and concepts (which may be contrary to my own), and still others are nothing more than me venting some steam.

If you are easily offended, backward thinking, narrow minded, conservative or (worst of all) a christian you are advised that some of these poems may not be to your taste.

Like most of this site, these poems are released under a Creative Commons licence (see below) which essentially means you can copy them and redistribute them provided I am credited as the author. It does not mean you can plagiarise me.

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