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Why do you role-play?
Same reason I act. I like exploring the world from within another person's point of view. Once you realise how different the world can look to someone else, you become a better person. You don't get annoyed at petty misunderstandings any more, and you realise that everything you held to be true may simply be an arbitrary convention.
How did you get into role-playing?
When I was at college I worked part-time at a hobbies store. One of the guys there ran a game, and invited me to join.
What games have you played
Like most of us, I started out playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Like most of us, once I'd grown up I lost interest in it. Now I mostly play the White Wolf games : Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Exalted, Hunter etc. Of course, along the way I've played quite an array of other stuff, including Star Wars (original, and D20), Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, Twighlight 2000, Amber, Aberrant, Adventure and Cyberpunk.
So what's your favourite game?
Tough question. How much you enjoy a game is dependent far more on the story, the GM and your fellow players than on the game system. If pressed however, I'd say Adventure is my favourite system, while the game I've enjoyed most is a toss-up between Aberrant and Hunter. Both of these games were unknown to me when I first played them, and we played our characters through the process of changing from normal spods to supernaturally powered beings. Thus both player and character had the sense of fear and wonder that comes from exploring a new world.
So what's your least favourite?
Vampire is a great game, but I've played it too much. I hated Rolemaster so much I quit even before I'd finished creating the character.
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