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How long have you been writing?
As long as I can remember. No, seriously, I have memories dating back to junior school where I was writing things. When I was 10 I got a commendation in a national competition, and when I was 8 I won a notebook for writing a Mr. Man story, a notebook that I still use today.
What kind of stuff do you write?
All manner of stuff. Over the years I've written poetry, graphic novels, short stories, a novel or two, and a play. My record of finishing them is ropey however. I like to compare myself to Leonard da Vinci in that respect.
So what are you writing now?
Mostly poetry. I like poems 'cos they're short. A novel takes months or years to complete. A poem takes hours.
Can I read some of your stuff?
I'm glad you asked...


A psycho-sexual gothic thriller. An innocent girl is seduced into a world of corruption and depravity that results in her death. The story is narrated by a man who sees it all, knows how it will end, and does nothing to stop it. My most serious attempt to write a novel.
[read extract]
Ascent of Evil
A dark, violent fantasy novel. A child of violence seeks vengeance against his father and all he stands for, resulting in the wholescale destruction of a race, a religion and the gods themselves. Spawned from a character background for a role-playing character, and my first attempt to write a novel.
[read extract]
Burgers and Strangers
So there I was, minding my own business, when I got mugged by an alien. A short story about the risks of inter-stellar tourism. Written one afternoon for a Richard & Judy writing competition. Reading it back, it amuses me still. Possibly my favourite of my works.
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Tyler and Beth
Rip-roaring kids' adventure. Mostly written without any planning, just by sitting down everyday and writing something anything.
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Vampires and Werewolves
A comic series about the politics and machinations of supernatural denizons. Not dissimilar to the Underworld films and the White Wolf RGGs.
[read issue one]
Techno Marionette
A poem in which dancing to filthy techno is used as a metaphor for pagan revelries. Actually, it's mostly just about dancing to filthy techno. The whole pagan revelry thing is just something cool I used in a couple of lines in the second verse.
[read it in the Poetry Section]
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