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Wine glasses

Not as obvious as you might think.

There is a lot of unseen psychology behind serving and drinking wine. Knowing about this can make the difference. People might start to appreciate your wine, instead of just putting up with it.

There is a lot to be said for presentation. Uncorking a nicely labelled bottle is much more effective than unscrewing a jar the says 'Tomato Ketchup' on the side. Invest in some wineglasses, they are cheap and very effective at showing off wine. People who offer a coffee mug for their serving are obviously heathens.

A subtle amount of enthusiasm on your part is also called for. Do not present your wine with an appology, that will create the wrong impression. Conversely, do not open the wine with too much confidence. People will only try to critise it. It requires a little practice to develop the correct balance of pretentiousness, self-confidence and modesty.

Once you get people actively asking for your wine, and you develop a reputation, you can afford to become a little aloof.

A good trick is to persuade yourself and others that home wines are not even the same type of drink as shop wines. They are a differant category. This will make people either curious or scared.

One last word, home wine can be very strong. Up to 20%. This will induce drunkeness twice as fast as shop wine. This also makes it even cheaper to enjoy.

When you have practiced in front of a mirror, and reckon you can present your wine with the required pomp and circumstance, you can start drinking and hosting with abandon. You could even, if you have the gall, host a wine tasting evening.

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