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In The Beginning...

The origins of the SLuRP Gods

In the time before time, there were three brothers. The elder, Spawn, who was the beginning of all things. The next, Animus, who was the existence of all things. And the youngest, Terminus, the end of all things.

With his work done, Spawn left, never to be seen again, leaving Animus in control.

Animus took for himself a form, a form of deepest black, dotted with jewels of silver. Animus became Hagol, the sky.

And Hagol created Elna and Knort, the earth and the sea, and bid them be wed. And so they were joined, and became the world, and Hagol gave them the sun and the moon as gifts.

Then Elna gave birth to Lomara, and she grew to be wise. Then Elna gave birth to Kalar, and he grew to be vivacious.

Then Hagol said, "Fill the world with life". But Lomara was wise, and said "There is too little room".

So Hagol decreed that every life was to have an end, so that new life may take it's place. And he gave to his brother the end of all lives, and Terminus became Necros, death. And Hagol gave to Kalar change, that all life might revel in change and growth and variety.

And so the world was filled with life, each living its time before dying so that new life may bring change to the world.

Then Lomara said to Hagol, let this life know the gift of speech, that they might learn from each other. And Hagol, who favoured Lomara, made it so. And thus came into the world the Elder Races, the first of the races who spoke.

But Kalar was envious of Lomara, for Lomara was wise and good, and the favoured of Hagol. And Necros was envious of Hagol, who ruled all.

So Kalar gave to the humans the gift of deception, and the humans learnt distrust and suspicion and conflict. Soon all the races of the world knew of deceit, and all the world knew conflict.

Then Necros took the conflict and gave it form, so that it might bring more of the worlds life into his fold. And the conflict became war, and was called Yorcas.

Then Kalar sowed the seeds of chaos throughout the world, so that the air swirled and blew unpredictably, the waters crashed in waves and floods, the earth moved against itself in great quakes. Everywhere there was destruction.

And Necros took the destruction and gave it form, so that it too might serve him. And the destruction became the beast Kylax.

Hagol was angry at Necros, and banished him. Elna enclosed him in an underworld prison, and Knort withdrew all his waters, leaving the prison barren and hostile. And Necros became the Lord of Hell, from whence he plots against Hagol and his world.

But Kalar fled and hid, and continued his deceptions secretly.

He created The Riddlers, and sent them unto the world to sew chaos, to distort the very fabric of reality.

The Riddlers were defeated, but reality was badly damaged, and it rippled and flowed at the whims of the speaking races.

So Hagol went to Lomara and said, "How can I repair these distortions of reality?" And Lomara said, "I shall take them and encase them in rules so that only the most learned can utilise them".

And the distortions became magic.

But all the while the beast Kylax stormed throughout the world, bringing chaos and destruction to all it touched. And Yorcas walked the earth, bringing war and death in his wake.

And Hagol came again to Lomara and said "How can I be rid of Yorcas?" And Lomara said, "I will teach Yorcas nobility, that there might be honour in war".

But Yorcas was an unwilling student, and Lomara could not completely succeed.

Then Hagol came again to Lomara and said, "How can I contain the beast Kylax?"

But Lomara was tired of his attentions so she said, "I will go down to the world and walk among the people and do what I can to ease their sufferings."

And Lomara went down onto the world and said, "Here will be where I will start my journey, here is where I will return when it is over. Here I will be secure and safe from disturbance."

And it came to be, and she called the place Home, and set off to walk the earth.

Lomara became a traveller, going from place to place and people to people, spreading wisdom and harmony. She became the patron of those who travel, and those who trade.

Without Lomara, Hagol turned to Elna and said "How can I contain the beast Kylax?", and Elna said "I am the earth, and all the beasts on it. Kylax is but another beast, unaware of the consequences of its actions. I will take it, and make it mine."

And so the beast Kylax became the attendant of Elna, and its destruction became for the greater good. Still it raged against its leash, but Elna kept it from devouring the world.

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