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The world of SLuRP is a world of fantasy, where humans share the world with elves and orcs, where magic is more common than electricity, and where the gods are very real.

In the world of modern Earth, the existance of gods is a disputed topic, and no-one can produce a definitive argument for either case. If the gods exist, they are being remarkably discreet.

In Keese, no-one is in any doubt. The Gods do exist, and they take an active role in the goings on of the world. What's more, new gods come into being as old gods die or are deposed. The priests can call on their gods to intervene on their behalf, and the results are immediate and decisive.

There are no agnostics in this world.

In this highly dynamic pantheon, there is some degree of certainity. There are eight Major Gods, acknowledged (although not necessarily worshipped) by everyone, and there is a single creation myth that tells how they came to be. In addition, there are a number of legends from "The Time Before Time", that recount tales of Gods walking the earth, of elder races who destroyed themselves, of the cataclysms and creations that shaped the world as it became.

I recount some of the more important of these tales here.

In addition however, there are myriad "Minor Gods", who arose after the creation, whose existence or divinity is not universally acknowledged. These gods rise and fall with the populations who follow them.

Of course, in any society there are rebels. Even in a world where agnosticism has no meaning, there is an abundance of atheists - people who choose not to worship any god, major or minor, but prefer to live their lives taking responsibility for their own actions.

To help give a fuller picture of the world and its people, I give you this information on their mytholgy and their religions.


Then try reading some of the myths and legends...

If you want to accuse me of blasphemy e-mail me.

If you think I'm obviously damned to an eternity in hell, flee to the Place of Decadence.

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