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The World of SLuRP

In reality, SLuRP is played in the woods behind the Physics building in Southampton, but reality is the very thing we are trying to get away from. You're not interested in the local geography, you want to know about the people and places we have created, the world in which the games are set, the beasts and dangers that are met and dealt with.

First, the basics. SLuRP is based around a town called Keese, that lies in The Barony, which in turn is part of a larger Dukedom that lies to the north. To the south is a range of mountains that forms a nigh-impenatrable border with the mysterious land of Stanilov.

The adventures take place mainly in the Larcax forest, home to many a hostile creature, but also hiding ancient ruins and the possibility of secrets and treasures.

So far so typical. What makes our world better than your average run-of-the-mill fantasy setting? Ah... just wait until you see the potential for action and adventure that present themselves. Not only are there plenty of monsters to bash, but there is plot and intrigue and cunning twists and all sorts. Just have a read, let me convince you.

Right, what gems can I impress you with? Well, would you like to know about...

The Surrounding Area.
The towns and cities, the woods and mountains.
The Beasties
Orcs and ogres, ghosts and goblins.
Keese itself
The society, the history, the violence, the intrigue.
A map
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