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Shaman Magic


Flowing through all the world, through the people, the plants, the animals, even through the rocks and water, is Life. This flow is given many names:-Chi, Mana, Life, or simply The Force.

Anyone who is in tune with their inner selves, who is aware of their own Spirituality, can feel this force if they only open themselves to it. They can see it, feel it, shape it.

This is the basis of Shamanism. Tapping into, observing and controlling, this flowing life force.

In Practice

Shamanism is a very simple form of magic, so can be used by comparatively primitive races, e.g. goblins, orcs, half-ogres, art students.

It does, however, require an awareness of nature that is rarely found in these modern times. Thus it is uncommon for any of the 'civilised' races to practise the form, usually ignoring it in favour of the more rational magics.

Shamanism is a subtle magic. It rarely produces direct effects, and is less useful in combat than Elemental magic. It is a natural force, controlled by the shaman, so is less powerful than Divine magic.

The Nature of Shamanism

The Force flows through everything, but strongest through living creatures. It is a force of life, essential yet intangible.

To see this flow will give the Shaman clues as to the nature of his surroundings. It will reveal the state of being of anything he focuses on, both in terms of physical health and mental state.

To feel the flow will give information even without use of eyes. Stories of blind Shaman defeating trained warriors in physical combat are common. By feeling for the Force, he can predict movement, detect magical build ups, and identify threats.

To control the flow will affect the surroundings. Depleting the flow will weaken a creature or object, strengthening it will repair the object, or heal the creature.

To become one with the flow is to know all things. You can commune directly with nature, speak with animals or plants, with rocks or streams. You can move with the flow, unrestrained by any structure.

The Rules

You must purchase the awareness levels : There are five awareness levels of Shamanism: Seeing; Feeling; Controlling (minor & major); Becoming. Each awareness level is bought as a skill (Mysticism list-multiplier), with the previous level as a pre-req. Once the awareness level is bought, the Shaman can buy effects from within its spell list.

Reasoning : The Shaman must increase in proficiency to increase in his degree of control over the Flow. At each stage, the basic talent is useful for little without learning applied examples.
Thus: A shaman can See the Flow, but must learn the meanings of what he sees. If the flow swirls and accumulates, he can see it, but will not necessarily know that this means someone is lying.

You must buy Spell Points : Each spell has a cost. This is the number of spell points required to cast it. Spell points use the Mysticism list-multiplier too.

Spell points cost 1ep each. Spell points recharge to full with an hour of meditation (best done at dawn).

Verbals : You need one decent lengthed sentence per awareness level. It must be highly mystical and flowery, but it doesn't evoke any particular god (other then perhaps a vague Earth-spirit or suchlike). It ought to be at least faintly connected with what you are trying to achieve, but you should worry more about the awareness level than the specific effect.
Alternatively, a repetitive chant or mantra, maintained for a suitable length of time will serve just as well.

Once you've uttered all the required vocals to attain the required level of awareness, utter a line or two more for the specific effect and then do the usual spellcasting, spell name, effect, target routine.

Spell Research

Very simple. If the Shaman thinks that a certain effect can be achieved through utilisng the Life Force, he collars a Ref and explains why. The Ref says yes/no and (if "yes"), decides on a cost. The Shaman buys the effect.
Of course, he must have proficiency in the relevant level of magic.

The Shamanism Spell List

[Seeing] [Feeling] [Controlling:(minor)/(major)] [Becoming]

level 1
Seeing the Life Force

  • See Aura
    Determines general mental state of target. Detects strong emotions and coercions.
  • Diagnose
    Determines general well-being of a creature and rough details.
  • Detect Lies
    A specific form of See Aura. Detects deception, and its approximate nature.
  • Detect Illusion
    Illusions do not interact with the Flow, and so can be identified as false by the Shaman who looks.
  • Detect Hidden
    Detects anyone or anything that has been deliberately hidden (but not accidentaly misplaced)

level 2
Feeling the Life Force

  • Detect Magic
    Feels for the diversion of flow caused by magical effects (static or dynamic)
  • Detect Life
    Feels for the diversion of flow caused by life forms. Gives idea of size and type.
  • Danger Sense
    Detects disruptions in the flow caused by impending threat. (non specific)
  • Radar Sense
    Shaman can operate in total darkness. Note he does not 'see', but 'feels' his way.
  • Detect Invisible
    Invisible things still interact with the Flow, and thus can be seen by the Shaman who looks for them.
  • Commune with Nature
    Shaman can sense the general degree of well-being or otherwise of the immediate area.
  • Comprehend
    The Shaman can understand any natural language spoken by a natural creature.
  • Comprehend (animal)
    The shaman can communicate with natural animals, at their intelligence level.
  • Comprehend (plant)
    The shaman can 'hear' the sounds of the plants. He cannot question them though.
  • Comprehend (landscape)
    The shaman can 'hear' the sounds of the rocks and other features, but not talk to them.
  • Heightened Senses
    The Shaman can augment any or all senses.
  • Find Path/ Pass without Trace
    The Shaman can determine the path of least resistance, that will leave the least trace.
  • Direction Sense
    The Flow follows certain lines through the world. These lines enable orientation.

level 3
Controlling the Life Force (minor)

  • Strengthen
    By increasing the flow through an object, the Shaman can strengthen it
  • Strengthen creature
    As Strengthen, but a creature will become stronger and tougher.
  • Heal
    The Shaman increases the speed of natural healing. (much faster than natural, slower than priestly healing)
  • Prolong Life
    The Shaman can maintain the flow through someone who should be dead (equiv. to Heroic Effort)
  • Purge
    Purges the target of all obstructions to the Flow e.g. Diseases, poisons.
  • Sanctify
    Purges the target of all spiritual insufficiencies e.g. curses.
  • Confusion
    By disrupting the Flow to a creature, they can be confused, disoriented and forgetful.
  • Sleep/Weaken
    By restricting the Flow to a creature, it will be rendered weak and lethargic. It may even fall asleep or comatose.
  • Deanimate
    Animatrons are controlled by false Flow. A Shaman can disrupt this Flow, and deanimate the creature.
  • Fear
    All nature's creatures have a danger-sense. Shamen can create a false danger, and activate this sense.
  • Trust / Calm
    Similarly, the Shaman can decrease any sense of threat, and put the creature at ease.

level 4
Controlling the Life Force (major)

  • Weather Control
    The Shaman can effect, or generate, localised weather effects e.g fog, rain, frost.
  • Summonation
    The Shaman puts out a call for any natural creature in the area (of a type) to come to him.
  • Feign Death/ Hibernate
    The Shaman reduces the Flow to such a point, he goes into a hibernatory state that closely resembles death.
  • Disguise Aura
    The Shaman can affect his aura to alter the results of See Aura (or similar) spells.
  • Disrupt Magic
    Because magic utilises the Flow, a Shaman can deflect and disrupt any magical effects.
  • Nature's Gifts
    The Shaman can use for himself the gifts bestowed on natural creatures e.g. gills, or spider climb (NOT flight)

level 5
Becoming one with the Life Force

  • Walk through Walls
    The Flow is not hampered by physical objects, so neither is a Shaman who is one with it.
  • Teleport
    Move with the flow, from point to point without interacting with the intervening points
  • Invisibilty
    While one with the Flow, the Shaman can only be seen by another Shaman
  • Full comprehension
    The Shaman can join in all the exchanges of around him, with animal, plant or rock
  • Polymorph
    The Shaman can resume his own form or any natural form of his choosing

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