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Screaming On A Hill

I'm splitting the night with blood spattered screams
At Britain's democratic whore's regime
Look at yourself see what you've become
Masses compliant like a methadone nun

A billion people can be so wrong
A country enthralled by a puppet with a gun
Our leader enslaved to his ego's whim
And bowing to a monkey's empty grin

I want to thrash the world and make it see
The signs are there plain as day to read
I want to take a knife to the masses throats
Shake them and scream at them, make them take note

I shred my lungs but I can't scream too loud
Blood vapour forms a hate-filled rage cloud
I try to whip up the fury of the crowd but you're
Comfortably banal under television's death shroud

I stand on my hill, scream hoarse at the night
Looking for an adversary, to pick a fight
Try to redirect this glacial plebiscite
An immovable mass but my force is finite

A torrent of placations die in the air
While a thousand amber house lights flicker in the ether
My words have the strength of a dead man's arms
In the face of politicians' placatory charms

This powerless anger, makes me want to kill
Myself and all the rest of you, but not until
All remedies are exhausted, till then I will
Redirect my energies to screaming on a hill

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