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Your Autonomy

You are
A person in yourself
One with yourself
You need no-one else
Stand proud and announce you exist

You are,
As close to perfection
As anyone I've known
Strike out on your own
This world is no place to be modest

You do not require this comfort blanket,
You're a woman not an infant in tears
No dummy, no pram, no nappy, no man
All ghosts of your immature years
You will not get taller, or smarter, or better
Because of the guy in your life
You should judge yourself on your merits alone
You don't need to be someone's wife

You are,
The one in a million,
The one the world's spinning on
The one I'd be betting on
Within you is all you could need

You are
Whole, not a half
Complete, not a part
So walk your own path
There's a whole world out there to see

There's three billion men alive in the world
You haven't yet fucked every one
You're lazy and cannot be arsed to look further
Or naïve to believe he's the one
Embrace your potential, you've no faults to speak of
There's nothing that you cannot do
Your life is your own, not his for the using
You do not need him to approve

You are
An independent woman
As strong as anyone
You've no need for any man
And most of all you don't need me

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