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Moments Of Contentment

In my head is a knot of contradictory tensions
Rival fears are sparking in the darkness
Splashing like a salmon up life's white torrents
Obsessions scream and claw at the madness

Anxious, stressed out, it'll never be OK
A slave to reality, crying for another way
Trying to cram a life's work into a single night
I can't afford to take the time required to make it alright

Gripped by a terror seeing time slide away from me
Paralysed and panic stricken staring into space
Ten hours gone and I cannot say what I've been doing
Frantic like a sprinter in a thousand meter race

Too much to do, too little time
It's rare that I say things are basically fine
I just need to stop now and focus on the moment
Not fret about where the last ten hours went


I'll be alright, sitting here late at night
Kicking back with some home made wine
And yes I admit, it's not quite perfect
But do you know, I think I'll be fine

The bills are all paid and there's money been saved
And I've got some left over for booze
An occasional piss-up will not make me bankrupt
Not luxury, but ample to choose

My job may be crap but it's not all that bad
I can quit and move on when I want
It's not such a toll living life on the dole
Not ideal but life will go on

So I nibble on some stilton and some cheeky smoked salmon
And chill out to electro-glide in blue
Right here in this moment, I enjoy some contentment
Life looks so much better from this point of view

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