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Superiority Complex

I, am better than all of you
I've read all the books and I've watched all the TV
All that I've heard I have learnt
Everything wrong I have put right in my life
Everything bad I have made good in my self
Everything you want I've put it in my self
I, am all I can be

They, are nothing compared to me
I've looked at them all and it just makes me hate them
Why are they happier than me
Why if he's thick would you still rather talk to him
Why if he lies would you still rather trust him
Why if he's shit would you still rather fuck him
He, can't be better than me

I am perfect, you should want me, he's not worth your time
If you want it, I will change it,
What does he have that you see that I don't have
Why aren't you looking at me?

Everyday I look at me and find another thing I see
I change the way I look and be, and hope that you will sleep with me
I look at him compared to me and wander what there is to see
When everything that's wrong with him I'd fixed by nineteen eighty-three
The stupid selfish lying cheating ugly fucking naked ape
I bet he can't conceive of foreplay, cums in minutes, falls asleep

Come back to my place, I know the best tricks
I know biology, I know anatomy
Every time I look at you, I know what I wanna do
I wanna fuck you overnight and make you cum a hundred times
I've learnt it all I know I can, but I'm a fucking gentleman!

I, am imprisoned inside myself
I've wasted my life as the perfect example
The perfect example is wrong
Being a good man I can't take what I want
Being a good man does not work in this life
Being a good man I can't be a bad man
I, I hate being right.

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