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Nobody Cares

Nobody cares about her long blonde hair
It's no big deal playing love solitaire
So stop complaining how it's so unfair
When there's death and war and poverty and poisoned air

I don't care if you can't get laid
Or how it's been a fortnight since you got your end away
Cos while you're crying like a lovesick babe
Our freedom's being stolen from us everyday

I don't wanna hear about her deep blue eyes
She's just another floozy with firm tan thighs
The people who control us are drowning us in lies
And everyday a politician says I'm gonna die

The world is going to shit, but you're ignoring it,
'Cos all you seem to care about is some girl's tits
A short term blip, in your love life
Is trivial compared to the erosion of our rights

I don't wanna listen to you whinge about your loneliness
I know you don't believe it but you're not the only one
Put down the guitar step away from the microphone
Get drunk, take drugs, have some fun

She's moved on, to pastures new
Found herself a better life away from you.
She's making something, of her life
While you're still crying into open mics
That guitar, will not replace
The fading memory of her face
So get on your feet, get your arse in gear
You may not want to listen but it's what you need to hear

I know damn well how it's hard to find a lover
But you'll never find a woman to replace your mother
Take your head from the sand and give your life a looking over
Now there's government conspiracies that need to be uncovered.

So don't try and tell me how you loved her so
The only thing you loved was the fellatio
So quit trying to wallow in the status quo
Think, you never know, you might grow

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