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Electro Nirvana

Through the walls it comes a muffled thumping
Waiting in line, my blood-beat pumping
Five pounds down, staircase ascending
Heartbeat, drumbeat, anticipating
Closer and closer, adrenaline rising
Electric shivering, fingers are quivering
Door handle grasping, neck hair standing
Pulling on the door, oh God I'm cumming

Crash as the waves of the music engulfs me
Bass cuts through me, penetrates the inner me
Smoke embrace me, laser light entrancing me
The empty void inside of me is filled again finally

Pulled to the dancefloor, no-one in control of me
Arms raised high, with the music taking over me
Eyes shine wide, the euphoria takes hold of me
As everybody comes together sharing in their unity

Dance for the DJ, dance away my apathy
Dance for my loved ones, dance away my enemies
Dance in my own world, dance away reality
Dancing for nirvana then stop...

Time for the top-line, clarity and purity
Teasing me and taking me to places where I want to be
Telling me of better things, showing how I can be free
I know it's the drugs, but I like what they say to me

Bass drum banging in, bigging up the beat in me
Bringing up the bottom end and banging in the brain of me
Bass-line lobotomy bring the message home to me of
Drugs, dirty dancing, and pounding techno music

Back again the melody, I'm flying in the energy
Lifting me to heaven where I find my own theology
Troubles fall away from me, I've found a kind of rhapsody
God offers nothing for me

No space no time, just me and the drum beat
Body going nova, revel in the superheat
Pounding like a piston, pumping like an athlete
Drowning in a techno sea

Music so good I'm undeserving
My body is lost in dervish whirling
Nobody thinking, only moving
One with everyone here

Love is in the air, no threat no dangers
Embracing a girl, kiss like teenagers
The creed we are living by in this modern age is
Take ... more ... drugs ... and ...
Take more drugs and fuck more strangers

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