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Seducing A Christian

Would it be a sin, if you invited me in?
Or is my company so evil I get banished at the stair?
Alone in your room with a man and a coffee
I like it hot and black, or would that be a sin?

Would it be evil, if you knew how I feel?
Or does the bible tell you what you can and cannot hear?
My thoughts I fear are sinful but may I confess?
I want to tell the truth, unless that would be evil

Would it be remiss, if you accepted a kiss?
Or does the devil make me run my hands through your hair?
No-one went to hell for showing some affection
Can a Christian return love, or would that be remiss?

Jesus will love you tomorrow as much as he does today
His love is unaffected by what you do or say
If he really loved you he would want you to feel joy
And there's pleasure to be had in the attentions of a boy
No-one who really loved you would watch you burn in hell
So whatever actions we take tonight, your soul will be safe and well

Would you transgress, if you took off your dress?
Or are ashamed to show me what your God has made?
Every curve of your body is a divine creation
I want to touch your heaven, or would I transgress

Would it be wicked, if we were both naked?
Or is it corrupting to remember our innocent state?
Exalting God's image, will you kneel down to pray?
Let's re-enact Eden, or would that be wicked?

Would it be a sin, if I was to come in?

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