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What Will Jenny Say?

She'll say she likes me just not in that way
Our friendship is too valuable to waste
I'll wander if there's ever any point
in trying when you only ever fail

She'll say she doesn't want our friendship spoiled
By introducing sex where none's required
I'll think while friendship's genuinely felt
That sex is often forefront on my mind

She'll say I'm nice and I deserve much better
That she is not as good as I make out
I'll think about what tiny faults she has
And how they make her more attractive still

She'll say her last relationship was tough
And that she isn't ready for one more
I'll think relationships are not the point
I'd rather share than not have her at all

She'll say of course that it's not me it's her
I'm faultless but for her the timing's wrong
I'll think of all the times it's not been me
How timings change when bad boys come along

She'll say, "We need to talk"

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