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Techno Marionette

Neon cyber rays streak across my vision
Arpeggios whirl an acoustic maelstrom
Capillaries flooding, my head is singing
Time standing still while the world is spinning
Faces contort in a mad wide grin
Arms waving high like a floundering man
Going down for the third time under waves of sensation
Still dancing an hour after dying from exhaustion
I surf on an ocean of cresting sweat
And flail like a lunatic's marionette

Gyrating, contorting in the new pagan revelling
Invoking within me the god I'm becoming
I am the music at one with the sound
My lips are the speakers embracing the crowd
Up from below I throb and I swell
As a thousand hands reach from my favourite hell
Chakras burst open, flowering the energy
Life force cast outwards to spread the fertility
Bodies writhe together and flesh becomes one
As the laser light shines like the solstice sun

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