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The Good Atheist

A man was walking down the road when set upon by thugs,
They beat him, robbed him, left him bleeding, dying in the dust
Then came three men who saw the man, and pondered what to do
Judge not their actions, but their reasons, to see which one was good

The first, a man of business, recalled his lawyer well
"I leave the scene without assisting, I might end up in jail"
"But any act of charity, looks good on the tax return"
So the corporate man said "I will help, and credit I will earn"

The second man, a christian, had learnt the bible well
"If I leave this man bleeding, then I might burn in hell"
"But if I act to save him, heaven waits for me"
So the christian said "I'll help, there's much to gain for me"

The third man was an atheist, and simply said "I'll help"
"I've nothing to gain, but doing the right thing, is reason in itself"

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