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Be Good Be Bad

Be good, be bad, but don't be dull
Safe and bland is a waste of time
You'll die forgotten unless you try to shine
Stand up, shout loud, show the world you're unique
Be true, be false, but speak

Be good, be bad, but try something new
You'll never know until you try
Don't ever stop to ask yourself why
Explore, be adventurous, there's a world to see
Be lost, be found, but see

Be good, be bad, but be individual
Don't be content to be a clone
One in a crowd is still alone
The bland and forgettable deserve contempt
Succeed, or fail, but attempt

Be good, be bad, but use your potential
You never know it just might work
Those who don't try don't have good luck
Soar like an eagle or crash and burn
Be right, be wrong, but learn

Be good, be bad, but live your life
Time's slipping by while you just wait
Create your legacy before it's too late
You're already dead if you're not really living
Be good, be bad, but be something

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