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The Pirate Poem

Written for International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Freezing cold and soaked to the skin
Embracing the elation that freedom can bring
Escaping oppression and draconian law
My prior life forgotten as we lose sight of shore
Live by my wits, no possessions, no name
My soul is alive, my senses aflame
Free from the shackles of rules and traditions
To start a new life cleansed of fears and suspicions

After a year on the high seas it's hard to maintain
High spirits in this routine of hardship and pain
Food's very scarce, my ship mates are repulsive
And the booty we were promised is proving elusive
I'm surrounded by thieves and the captain's a tyrant
His rages are frequent, his distrust is constant
A mutiny is planned though so soon there'll be change
Either way I prefer this to society's chains

Another year later and the ship is now mine
After the last captain's murder I was the next one in line
But my role will end quickly if I lower my guard
For the life of a pirate is short, brutish and hard
My crew to a man are all mutinous curs
Who understand the lash far better than words
If I have to I'll cast them all in the sea
I will sacrifice their lives so that I remain free

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