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Words Of Contempt

Your words are dust in a desert
Your thoughts are piss in a lake
Your pain is a fly in a hurricane
And I can't abide to listen any more
Your life is chaff in a wheat field
Your hopes are shadows in the dark
Your fate no more than a smudge on the page
And I dunno why I bother even being here

I am a god by comparison
I am a giant next to you
I am a person, you are just an insect
I don't understand why I'm in the same world as you
I'm so much better than you are
You don't deserve to be here
You're a statistic, I'm an individual
I'm the only one saying anything of worth

Yet my words, are worth nothing more than yours
My words, a hiss in the wind
My words, are sand in a sandstorm
Nothing that I say can have any kind of impact
My thoughts, so big and so futile
My thoughts, a waste of a mind
My thoughts, profound and yet pointless
Nothing that I say will ever change the world

But rail as I might I can't see a solution
What can one man do to educate a nation
To hold back the tide of intellectual degradation
Outnumbered as I am 60 million to one
I spit out these words, giving voice to my frustration
But I know damn well there is no alleviation
As I race headlong to my mental ruination
Continue in this manner and my mind will be gone

Thrashing, in despair I flail,
Clawing the walls of my desolate jail,
Every dream condemned to fail,
Tortured by reality, the bleakness of futility
The shadowy gods who rule this life
To them we're no more than laboratory mice
Pulling our strings, we cannot fight
Gloating with impunity, their unassailability

Our rulers take the piss with our freedom
For us they can spare no contempt
To them we're just numbers on their final year statement
There's no amount of democratic process gonna change that
Our rulers know that they are beyond the law
They know they can do what they want
To them I'm an ant and my words are less significant
There's no amount of poetry will ever change my fate

But their lives are just as fleeting
Just ticks in the clock of history
A lone bacteria in a cesspit of disease
A hundred years from now their destruction counts for bugger all
So my words, will never change the world
But my words, may just improve my life
If my words, succeed in getting me a girl
That's probably the most, that anyone can hope for

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