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The Spirit Of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas means nothing to me but misery, anger and hate
Obliged to buy, for those I despise,
Clenching my teeth with the smiles and the lies
I flounder as I fight through the factory fabricated festive-family façade
Scrabbling desperately in a shopping mall rat-race
A generic empty gift, for a generic empty face
Wasted days with people with whom I have nothing in common but blood
The awkward agony of strained sociability
The crushing curse of conservative conformity
This ritualised regulation masochist's torture, that only a Christian could love
As if by enduring this period of pain they gain and get closer to God

Soulless vampire corporations telling me what to feel
Marketing branded family values
Factory farmed then gang-raped virtues
Implying that somehow I'm less of a man until I buy what they sell
I've got a small dick if I don't drive their car,
I'm a shirt-lifting fag if I don't drink their beer
Acceptable middle-class Christian values manufactured and pushed like cocaine
Coca-Cola has trade marked Santa Claus
We deep-throat America like two-bit whores
Every year we are butt-fucked by business determined to suck dry our blood
And the Christians bend over and take it like children while they sing about Jesus' love

A festival created by religious oppressors to crush a threat to their power
Symbolism stolen from the death cries of pagans
The Christians burn innocents and re-brand traditions
Thought police rewriting truth using torture and abolishing freedom with fear
Methodical massacre of druids and dissenters
A holy holocaust of women and thinkers
Each pine needle dropped on your living room floor is a drop of their victims' blood
Every mistletoe kiss is a murdered witch
A woman was drowned for each holly leaf crown
Now the Christians sing and thank their god for the success of their genocide
And people still ask why the spirit of Christmas is something I cannot abide

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