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I Am A Star

Look at me, look at me, tonight I'm a star
Standing on stage, as tall as my ego,
The crowd sits in my palm
I turn up my voice, they hang on my words
I turn up the tension, they tense in their chairs
I drop to a whisper, they hold their breath
Puppets at my command

Safe behind my masquerade, my inner self unleashed
When I'm not myself, I'm all that I can be
When I'm not myself, I'm all I'm afraid to be
All that when I'm being me is fake and falsely shown
When I'm another it all rings true
When I'm another it speaks to you

Here on the stage I hide who I am
I shelter beneath an image created
My face becomes my mask
Hidden within this role that I play
Safe inside this person I wear
Disguised beneath my costume of flesh
My body is my fa├žade

I step from the stage to adulation, my triumph now complete
For a moment in time, friends become fans
For a moment in time, fans become lovers
I bask in the glory, the wild celebration, the champagne starts to flow
In the love of the crowd, no bars or restraints
In the love of the crowd, I'm no longer me

In everyday life I am just a man, a guy who performs for fun
When I'm on stage the rules don't apply
When I'm on stage, I walk as a god
When I'm on stage, at least for tonight
Tonight I am a star

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