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A Day That Did Not Go to Plan

That glass will hit me in the face.
I woke up feeling I could conquer the world.
Some bloke punches some guy.
I should have said no.
It was such a nice day.
Some guy punches some bloke.
She needed my help.
I thought this would make up for it.
I was going to enjoy the sun.
This does not make up for it.
Some chap shoves some other chap.
Stuck at a computer.
That glass is so going to hit me.
I resented my friend.
She buys me a beer.
I was going to have a beer.
That bloke's picking up that bloke's beer.
It was a crisis though.
Gazing longingly out at the missed day.
I was happy.
That guy's going to throw that glass.
Her crisis averted.
She accidentally spills some guy's pint.
I was going to write some poetry.
The glass hits me in the face.

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