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Why Do I Try

Why do I try?
Climbing upwind on an over-clocked treadmill
Compelled by instincts no better than bestial
Trying to get laid
Sniffing at girls like a dog smelling heat
Slavering and drooling over so much meat
Must I have sex to exist?

Why do I try?
Am I no more than someone's wank
A mating machine, a walking sperm bank
What does this make me?
A DNA drop in the great gene sea
A talking dildo that also makes tea?
Must I spawn to be real?

Spending money and time
Days of work and days of wages
Whole chunks of life, childishly wasted

For a chemical response
Base interactions of nerves and neurons
Each waking hour obsessed by hormones
Must I be aroused to live?

Nothing but skin
Nothing but apes pushing hips at each other
Thrusting and humping and rutting and fucking
Sowing my seed
Breeding stock in a catholic stud farm
Well dressed cattle with a factory's charm
A lab rat for eugenics

So why do I try?
Life sucks too much to add to the hardship
I know by now I won't crack the seduction shit
I am more than this
I've more to offer than dribbles of sperm
I'm wasting my life with the time that I burn
Too much invested, too little return
I have no good reason to try.

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