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I'll Have You Yet

I want you now, but I've missed so many chances
It's my own fault, that you're not in my bed today
When you're near by, my eyes can only see you
I want you now,

I'll have you yet, it's just a matter of time
I don't care if, you fuck those other losers
I'll stay wanting you, till you offer yourself unto me
I'll have you yet

I wait for something certain
But your signals couldn't be clearer
And my hesitation costs me
Now you're kissing some random loser

You let me know, but I miss all your suggestions
Your signs so loud, a corpse on Mars could hear
That guy you're with, knows you should be in my bed
You let me know,

And I want you, like the north star needs the night sky
You twist my mind, I lose all perspective near you
I'm obsessed by you, you're something more than attractive
And I want you,

Like a drowning man wants to be home
Like a compass wants to point north
Like a smoker wants his drug fix
Like a rock in the sky wants to fall
Like a surfboard needs a wave
Like a storm cloud needs the sky
Like a prophecy needs a future
Like a philosopher needs to ask why

It's not like I've never felt this chemistry before
But with you it's different, more powerful, more violent
Afraid of the power of the force of my desire
I deny myself, restrain myself, manacle the fire
But unrequited passion eats my rational capacity
A gaping void of longing consumes the better part of me
I'm an automaton, a dead man, a zombie
But you evoke within me the passion to write poetry

With you I feel, a fire that could raze a building
Onlookers can see, a spark that cracks like uranium
I'm drawn to you, like Earth is pulled to the sun
I drown in you,

When I feel your hand in my hand
When I feel the fire between us
When I feel your breath on my lips
When I feel our flesh make contact
When I feel you slip from my grasp
When I feel the moment wasted
When I know I've lost you yet again
I will wait another six months

Just when I've forgotten you, you make a reappearance
By entering a room you elevate the elegance
In sack-cloth and ashes you could dazzle a pageant
Your presence an experience beyond all refinement
A star above the common herd and yet you walk among them
Swimming in a flotsam sea when I'm an Eden island
I'd never deny your freedom, but I'm the only one worthy
You're Prada in a jumble sale and I'm the last Armani

All of my walls, my barriers, defences
One look from you and they crumble like air
You are potassium in the water of life
When I gaze in your eyes I drown in despair
The roaring of desire so loud I can't see
Shredding my soul with a voice of fl├ęchettes
Pounding like the rhythm of the drums of war
I'll have you yet...
I'll have you yet...
I'll have you yet...

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