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A Poem About Jesus

1. Genesis Ch 1, v11-19 2. Leviticus ch15 3. Leviticus ch19, v13, 19 4. Deuteronomy ch25, v2, v5, v11 5. Joshua ch10, v23-26, v28 6. Ezekiel ch9

I have no particular problem with Jesus
He was just a man, with an interesting plan
Kind of a puritan, not really my thang
Not the sort of guy who'd inspire my thesis
But I ain't gonna dis a man because of what he says

I feel little love for his wannabe fan-boys
Shallow and servile, simpering, puerile
Mentally fragile, trivial, facile
In blind adulation, disposable as kids' toys
Their empty recital like so much white noise

Worse are the preachers who throw down his name
American tits and hypocrites
The venom they spit, from gilded pulpits
Middle class hatred and tirades of blame
They advocate justice in pyres of flame

It's like this...
You can't with one breath claim the bible's infallible
Then choose to ignore all the parts that aren't credible
It's the workings of men with their errors and edits
Or the words of a god who must be a fuck-wit

You see...
What kind of idiot god creates plants before he creates the sun?i
What self-hater creates people in his image, then declares their functions unclean?ii
Will I really go to hell for mixing cotton and nylon? Or paying at the end of the month?iii
Are you happy with justice of flogging and chopping? Will you father your sister-in-law's sons?iv
Did you know your god advocates genocide? And the murder of prisoners of war?v
And the systematic slaughter of women and children?vi With time I could find many more

You see...
I don't give a damn if you can argue any one of these
The point is that the bible's got them filling every page
So until I see you sacrificing blood outside the priest's tent
Quoting verse and chapter at me just incites my rage

And you...
You wide-eyed, space cadet, void-headed sheep
You're empty brained, soulless, your mind is asleep
You na�ve, 2D optimist, you thoughtless blind-faith slave
With your self-satisfied vacant post-coital thousand-yard gaze

Your leaders spit their brimstone and you follow like a walking corpse
Your life is free of stress and care now it's free of any thoughts
This world is harsh and unforgiving but you sail blissfully by
Now you're absolved of any cause to ever wonder why

But like I said...
I honestly have no problem with Jesus
It isn't the man, it's his obsessive fans
I can take what they say, but I ain't gonna pray
I'm a scientist and philosopher and really, it's like this
If you can't show me some logical thought, I'm just gonna take the piss

To shoot down your prophet is not my purpose
I think he was wrong, and I doubt we'd get on
But I'd defend his right, to say what he liked
So I don't want you thinking I am being self righteous
'Cos really, it's true, I've no problem with Jesus

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