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32 And Passed It

She's half my age but for me it's now legal
But sharking after college girls is less than regal
If I was 21, you never know she might have
But 32 and bald and grey I'm obviously a right-off
All my contemporaries are married and have babies
A thirty-something bachelor I might as well have rabies
You'd think by now I'd found a better use for my life
But even after all this time the lust is still rife

Fresh young things, cower in fear
From the touch of death if I come too near
32 and passed it, and no longer here
A space taking relic of yesteryear
Fresh young things, life on their minds
The spunk and the vigour I can no longer find
32 and passed it, crushed under time
Grasping the threads of a life once mine

I still recall the time when I lost my naivety
I pilloried my ethics for a corporate mentality
But ten years on and I've escaped from the treadmill
Free of debt and obligation, do whatever I will
Soon you'll be a number too, another corporate robot
The menial banality, you won't be looking so hot
The next ten years for you are not gonna be fun
I doubt you'll have the wherewithal to do what I've done

Fresh young things, so eager to please
For 30 grand debt you'll suck company nob-cheese
32 and passed it, but still in control
Desolate and cynical but still with a soul
Fresh young things, for you it's worse
I was never really young, so it never really hurt
32 and passed it, but nothing to lose
I've got money and time and the lifestyle I choose

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