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Gladly Watch it Burn

Endless debates on American TV
Between reactionary fascists of the GOP
All trying to be more extreme than each other
With refusal to compromise, refusal to learn
They seem determined to watch the world burn
All logic and reason is jettisoned to space
Every word underpinned by the issue of race
And God in each sentence regardless of sense
If ideas were houses theirs wouldn't be tents
I scream from my island at every turn
And gladly I'd sit here and watch them all burn
They decimate countries and charge for the pleasure
They seem to consider that murder is leisure
They cheer executions but boo compromise
I see nothing but hat 'neath republican eyes
Scream against science, terrified by sex
And fearful of any kind of academic text
Any trace of wisdom they'd kill before learn
They'd pile all the knowledge up and gladly watch it burn

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