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Love's Inferno

My love for you burns like a city ablaze
Consuming my soul in its ceaseless rage
Like acid corroding my functioning self
Relentlessly replacing me with somebody else

I can't see beyond your soft yielding skin
The harder I look the more I'm sucked in
The person within you is lost to my gaze
Long since destroyed by love's hateful blaze

The inferno engulfs me I struggle in vain
And inside I'm silently screaming in pain
I try and relate on an intellect's plane
But I can't stop imagining you naked again

I'm constantly driven to obsessive flirtation
When I know all you want is a good conversation
As I scream to break free from my carnal fixation
Before friendship's destroyed by love's conflagration

So I lie to your face about my motives for everything
Pretend to be civilised, pretend to be listening
If you ever find out what I'm actually thinking
Your trust will ignite and you'll run away screaming

It's all I can do to prevent love consuming me
Each day's a battle I think I am losing
I writhe in its grip and I wrestle my fears
I should want to get in your mind not your knickers
I've been here before and I know the finale
With awkwardness, tension and social embarrassment
I know you don't want me but love won't accept that
And nothing my brain says will ever convince it

Awake late at night in painful self torture
To sleep and to troubling dreams of the future
I sweat and I cry craving nothing but peace
But hell's cage of love permits no release
Obsession consumes me I'm losing my mind
It's not me that thinks but the demon inside
My soul burns to ash in its unceasing rage
Consuming me, like a city ablaze

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