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Change Or Death

Tell me what have you done today
What can you show me?
What is the proof of your passing?
What is different from then until now
If nothing is changed
Nothing is done

Tell me what have you made of your life?
Show me your impact
What effect you've had on the world
Your life is defined by what you have changed
If nothing is changed
Can you prove you lived at all?

A constant life,
A treadmill existence
You are no more than machine
The shortest course from birth until death
A pre-destined sequence
Of cause and effect

Looking back
On your life until now
Point to the things you are proud of
Look forward and see yourself pointing to more
Now plan how to get
From here to there

New day, new week, new year, new life
How're you gonna be different?
Start off small, while thinking big
Change yourself, then change the world

You have a talent that you can use
You make opportunities come your way
No excuses, not money, nor status nor blood
Focus on what you have

No life is truly without hope
The chances are there for you to take
Learn the rules and learn to exploit them
They hold you only if you let them

So tell me how you will define your life
What will you choose to be?
Will you wallow in slavery and bemoan your fate?
Or grasp the change and make a difference?
If nothing is changed
You are already dead

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