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The Lodge Poem

Join me tonight for a feast in my chocolate lodge
I know you've work tomorrow but it's nothing you can't dodge
With a PC and printer a doctor's note's easy to forge
On tarts and trifles, treats and sweets we'll gorge

We'll stuff ourselves with toffee, fondue and fudge
'Till belts are bursting and we're too big to budge
It's not very far just a short walk over the bridge
I've Bailey's and Tia Maria in the fridge

I can tell that you want it but maybe you need a nudge
Be assured that I am not one to judge
To the god of chocolate dip we make our pledge
An indecent indulgence without one trace of veg

In culinary naughtiness we'll indulge
And cultivate our chocolate belly bulge
Your jeans will need a crowbar to dislodge
After a night of the pleasures that wait in my chocolate lodge

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