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World of Drink and Dance

When the day has not been what it could and
Almost nothing has gone the way it should
I know just what I need
Crystalline clear with a certain bite
And the stress melts away like ninjas at night
I fire up MTV

The portal opens and I step in
To colourful bikinis and flawless skin
A world of simple rules
The problems that seemed beyond my means
Now no more threat than last night's dreams
Reality is for fools

I surrender to the world of drink and dance
The pure multi-coloured high
The sunshine and beauty of a brighter world
A simpler, happier life

The un-corrupt pleasures of drink and dance
Where everyone wants the same
Motives are pure and words are true
And life's an enjoyable game

And everything softens

The poison of life's everyday stress
Washed from the air like rain
The softness of the curving flesh
Meets my soft gin-addled brain

In dance I find beauty, and the warmth of the sun
In drink I find peace, a dreamlike state
What yesterday I thought could not be overcome
Becomes a task that can wait

The simple pleasures of drink and dance
The innocent pleasures of flesh
Perfect lives of untainted romance
Make this jaded soul refreshed

A perfect world of global consent
Where motives are pure and free of corruption
Words are unstated and sex well meant
Eyes shine and smiles are open

Escape into the world of drink and dance
Where everyone wants, but nobody needs
And sadness is banished by the smile of a girl
No law, just freedom to be

Beautiful girls in their bright furry dresses
Wiggle to the rhythm to shake off their stresses
As the embers within me glow brighter than torches
And dance music washes away my life's tortures

This inner happy soul, so crushed by reality
Casts off its chains to exalt in the liberty
All defences lowered, my spirit runs free
My joy like the sky, my heart like the sea

But sooner or later it all runs thin
Adverts appear or I run out of gin
Reality crushes my bright coloured world
Defeated by life, white flags unfurl

But even as the greyness brings me out of my trance
I remember my world of drink and dance
Enlightened and brightened I face down the grey
Enlivened, emboldened, I forge my way
At least for a while, for one more day
The darkness is kept at bay

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