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Going Down

A kiss on the lips is all well and good
But if you don't know what I really want I think you should
I want to really know you, really get inside there
Taste your secret, find out what you hide there
I love the darkness, I have no fears
And I'm trying to learn how to breathe through my ears
I know what I want and I know where it's found
So lie back... I'm going

Down - like a two-dollar crack whore
Gonna lap it up, until my tongue is raw
Down - I'm setting up a base camp
Got my safety gear and my halogen lamp (going)

Down, to, a Brazilian jungle
My tongue is numb but I'm happy just to mumble
Down - where it's hot and it's humid
I'm parting the leaves and I'm sucking on the fluid (going)

Down - like a mine shaft elevator
Delve into her secrets like an MI5 interrogator
Down - like a dot-com share price
Gripping my head with thighs like a vice

Time for a break till I do that again
The head rush is starting to get to my brain
I can't even speak like I've had too much ice cream
Everything's surreal like it's some kinda day dream
Then down below, my passion starts growing
Pornographic thoughts have got my blood flowing
Endorphins call me, bring me back round
And once again, ... I'm going

Down, like, Mary Magdeline's toy boy
Lash her with my tongue like a vicar to a choir boy
Down - like England on penalties
I've cramp in my jaw and I've carpet burned knees (going)

Down - like a teenaged scuba diver
Got my snorkel and my flippers, gonna now explore inside her
Down - like a poker addict's chip stack
I think she may be happy lying writhing on her back (going)

Down - like a Microsoft laptop
Tinker with her settings till I feel that she's about to pop
Down - like a glass of decent cabernet
Drinking in the flavour and savouring the bouquet

All licked out, I'm flat on my back
Kinda tired, might hit the sack
I feel something stir and I look down
I think, yes... she's going down

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