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Details of Fame in a World with a Million Lights on Celebrity

I spend my life adored by millions
Bask in the glow of the media spotlight
Living the lifestyle of glamorous celebrity
Happily exploiting the perks of my fame
My life becomes mirrored by the whole of the world
They hang on my words, revere every detail

My life is examined in minute detail
Each private moment observed by millions
My least tribulation becoming their world
Nowhere to hide from the questing searchlight
I'm a specimen mouse in the laboratory of fame
A creature to stare at, the genus 'celebrity'

Yet what have I done to deserve this celebrity?
I couldn't give reasons, I'm sketchy on details
From out of nowhere, like mushrooms, grew fame
And now I've a bank balance measured in millions
Then one sordid action was brought to light
And swift notoriety burst into my world

With so many other thing wrong with this world
Why focus such interest on a minor celebrity?
Shadowy evils that hide from the light
Whose presence is felt despite absence of details
Whose actions adversely affect lives of millions
And whose greatest fear is acquiring some fame

Can secret cabals be fought off with fame?
Can name recognition help change the world
If each time I speak I am heard be millions
Could I perhaps be a leader, not just a celebrity?
If just inspiration, leave others the details
And push back the darkness with a star's guiding light

Possibly then I'd be seen in a new light
Not just some actor with undeserved fame
But a force for good utilising celebrity
To try and make something of his time on this world
Perhaps they'd forget the more scandalous details
And I'd warrant my place in the one-in-a-millions
With millions of people obsessed with the spotlight

And celebrities' vanities fed by their fame
The world overlooks the important details

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