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The Courage Poem

In this, your life's latest chapter, take courage
Embarking on your journey of experience and knowledge
From modest means are born dreams of privilege
Through graft and study, through luck and tutelage

Be strong against those saying you deny your heritage
As if self improvement is some kind of sacrilege
There'll always be those who can't help but disparage
But if you stick to your guns I just know you will manage

It's good to want to be more than the average
To break from the limits of suffocating parentage
To know when to ditch your upbringing's baggage
And embark on your personal spiritual voyage

So take heed, take heart, take strength from my message
Embrace this new chapter, this rite of passage
Endure, persevere, don't be discouraged
In your moments of doubt take these words for courage

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