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What I Mean To Say

I want so much to be a nice guy
When talking to girls who have caught my eye
But whenever I speak, I always fear
What I mean to say, they clearly hear

Hi, so, do you come here often?
Sorry, I'm not as corny as I sound
But you look really nice and I had to say hi,
Where do you live, I'd like to come round

I saw you come in from across the floor
I like what I see and I want to see more
In one minutes time you'll be back out the door
We'll go back to your place and fuck until four

I like that thing you've done with your hair
And it's very nice � that perfume you wear
Where did you get those shoes you have on
With a little black dress you can never go wrong

Your hair would look great laid against my bed
Or over my thighs while you're giving me head
I only saw your dress when I checked out your tits
Between them I'm sure that my dick snugly fits

I've always wanted to meet a girl like you
So tell me about yourself, what do you do?
What do you do? Do you scream when you cum?
Will you climax when I fuck your arse with my thumb?

I'm sure you're much more than such a pretty face
What brings you tonight to this sordid place?
Do you like to feel dirty, like you've fallen from grace
Will you open your mouth when I cum in your face

I want to get to know you, find out what you like
Would you like to meet up for coffee and bite?
Will you crawl like a dog while you beg me for more
Or tie me up, beat me and call me a whore

I'm a sensitive guy and I try hard to please
Now do you want sex or are you a tease?
I can look underneath to the person within
Now let's get to committing some cardinal sin
I don't want to pressure you, I can wait
For maybe ten minutes then I want you on a plate
I'll take the time because I want to know you
In the biblical sense that is, I wanna fuck you

Fuck all this shit you know what I want
Your arse and your mouth, your tits and your cunt
So let's cut the crap, do it the easy way
'Cos you know damn well what I mean to say

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