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The Way To Make You Mine

I gaze deep into your crystal blue eyes
Lost in their lustre transfixed by your face
Learning your preferences and whether I qualify
Amassing the evidence, building my case
My eyes trace along the curve of your skin
Each word is a treasure, each gesture a gem
Absorb every nuance, drinking you in
Re-run it in my head, again and again
I memorise everything you say, searching for a sign
Something, anything, to tell me the way to make you mine

I pester your friends to dish me the dirt
Turn up at your hang-outs when I think you'll be there
Planning in advance just how I will flirt
Engage in your politics or flatter your hair
I make sure you see me read your favourite book
I plot all your movements so by chance we meet
Wait outside your house in the hope you might look
Sit all afternoon at the end of your street
I phone everyday whenever I can, to hear your voice on the line
Once, just once will you please let slip the way to make you mine

It's dark in your room, when there's nobody home
Is that trophy yours? Is that painting your choice?
Walk through your house, to find out what you own
Listen to your messages and note down each voice.
Examine your clothes, ascertaining your taste
Reading your diary, looking for clues
Flick through your photos in search of your face
Scroll through your emails for things I can use
I return now to my secret place, where I keep you confined
There I will make you tell me, the way to make you mine.

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